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“Sherry creates more than photos. Sherry creates worlds of magical fairytales. Each time I see one of her photos I feel drawn to the world of mystery. I can’t help but see stories entwined in the images.”

–Kama J. Frankling,


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The nature of the art work produced by Sherry Frey, through photography, has been one of the most amazing pieces I have seen lately!   Her Fairy scenes, are done exquisitely, so unique and inspiring, every one, a true talented work! Thank you, for sharing them with your followers, and hoping you continue with your amazing ideas!

–Silvia Riano Lecuona


Sherry ‘s pictures are so much more than pictures – they are art that is imagined and created from the pure passion to spread love  and beauty in the world.  Art is not a word big or deep enough to describe sherry’s work.
If there was a word that meant magic , beauty , power , and love them that is what her art would be called.
Owning a piece of her art will not only transform the appearance of you wall but will transform the energy in your space generating passion , love , magic and beauty at levels that are felt and call within the depths of your soul.

–Dan Hyman,


“I became acquainted with Sherry through a closed photography group on Facebook. The creative, fanciful energy depicted in her images attracted my attention immediately. I’ve been amazed watching her style evolve and grow and now I regularly draw inspiration from the conceptually imaginative and artistic images she produces today! ”

–Linda Atwood Photographer, AT the WOODS PHOTOGRAPHY,[/ezcol_2third] [ezcol_1third_end]Linda at the Woods[/ezcol_1third_end]


In a world of digital everything, getting a little package in the mail feels so special. My daughter and I eagerly opened our art from Sherry and oooohed and ahhhhed at all of the magical sceneries inside. The shiny sheen on the paper… the fairy’s gaze… the exquisite lighting… the sweet little critters. I felt like I was brought back to childhood absorbing the magic of fairy stories where anything was possible and every moment was sweet and sparkly. What a remedy for feelings of heaviness or doubt. What Sherry captures in her art isn’t just an image, but a memory of who we are at our core – absolutely magical children capable of flight. Now I am left with the debate of whether to hang the images for everyone to see and be inspired by… or bind them in a special book for my daughter and I to share in secret where we travel to this magical world together. Sounds like I’ll be needing more!

–Steena Brown – Intuitive Energy Healer and Coach,

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Just want to chime in and say thank you for the advice you gave me on the edit of my photo. Not only were you quick to help, but you even took the time to do an edit to show me as an example of your AMAZING editing style. Your work is flawless and I am so glad we connected. I look forward to learning more from you!

–Mandy Tillitson,

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“I just love the playful whimsy in Sherry’s work. I feel like I am inside the picture myself it’s just so magical. Her work is so delightful that it just makes me happy. Such a gift!” and yes… I am a fairy lover!

–Elizabeth MacLeod,


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“Sherry’s fairy portraits create a magical world that feels classic, yet modern and pulls me into wild possibility. I’ve loved the classic fairy illustrators such as Rackham all my life, and I love how she updates the genre with real photographs. So magical and lovely!”

–Lisa Wolfe,,


“Sherry is a phenomenal artist. Every piece she creates steals one’s breath, softens one’s heart and reminds one that magic is real. Her art transcends the medium of photography, transporting the viewer to a fantastical world of beauty, tranquility and play. Absolutely stunning work!”

–Sarah Kalil, “President, Women in Film and Television (Vancouver)”


Faerie smiles Sherry Fae

Delighted to have received my fairy print in the mail this week from you. And it is a pleasure to write you a testimonial.

Sherry Fae captures the essence of magic and beauty within her images creating breathtaking whimsical moments that inspire us to dream and imagine. Her images awaken that beautiful place within, where anything is possible! I feel an instant connection to Sherry’s images as they invoke snippets of the self and allow me to look closer to who I am and where I am heading in this journey towards a magical life. Her images remind us to open our eyes to the majesty that surrounds us and to find within you the jewel in your heart where you can feel at ease and at peace within any situation. As Sherry quotes: ‘She uses her creative vision, the dreamer within, to bring those magical elements to life through fine photo artwork.’ And I can say that Sherry has touched my life with her images as I stare at each one and find a piece of me inside each of them. Always magical, always inspiring. Always dreaming and always believing!

Sherry Fae is the magic behind the lens of her divine images, the creative Artist that shines light on your world and teaching us to never give up.

 Much love and sparkles,

 Your Faerie Friend ~ Nicole

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