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Giving Back

Sherry Fae wants to thank you for all your love and support, as a portion of our profits each month are always donated to Charity: Water.

charity: water – Clean water changes absolutely everything.

If you’ve never heard of this foundation, please take a moment and read about it. We are highly appreciative and supporting of this organization because allowing others to have the same clean water in the world as we do, can change about everything.

Charity: Water

Water is one of Sherry’s primary nature elements and one she strongly resonates with, therefore she wishes for children, women and families all over the world to have safe drinking water to consume, as well as play in. Clean water shares with us a magical side of life, that some might take for granted – let’s share our love of water with everyone.

Profits from Sherry Fae’s work will help children, women and families, in developing countries, live with the same clean, fulfilling and magical we get to have, every, single, day.

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