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So glad to meet you!

Sherry Fae-1

Here to shine my light into the world, guide and enlighten others to see their beauty and experience their radiance.

Like the Goddess Amaterasu, I spent many years in a dark cave

after experiencing a tragic accident that nearly took my life.

Through the powerful healing of beauty and color, I emerged to embrace my my own shining beauty.

NOW! It’s my passion to shine my light, bring color into the world and to share my love of beauty through my imagery and color energy work.

Imagine the feeling of basking in your own radiance just by learning to embrace the vibration of beauty and color that surrounds you awakening you to the beauty of your own soul!


You are the seeker, on the path to awakening, and believe enhancing your life is your divine purpose. I am here to hold a mirror up and show you the beauty I see within you so that you may gain new awareness of how to heal, inspire, and empower your life. My purpose is to radiate light, color, beauty and magical energy everywhere in my life through my beautiful creations and be an example of their power to awaken and reflect your own beauty. My mission is to share the message of self-love through beauty.

Feel the amazement,
of feeding your soul
With the beauty of the elements in Mother Nature
The colors of the planet
And the magic of your imagination.
It’s all here for you.
Artistic Photography
Color Energy
Fairytale Digital Makeovers

Surrounding yourself with a beautiful piece of my visual art-work from my Photo Boutique Shop invokes a feeling of pleasure, beauty and joy that I infuse into each piece, becoming one with the energy and awakening to that beauty within yourself.

Color energy teaches you how to love every ounce of your being by making friends with all your chakras and learning how to nurture and balance your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual levels. When you learn to see the world in color, it takes your soul to another level.

My newest service of Digital Fairy-tale Makeovers gives you the an amazing way to be and see the magic you are in real life. You are transformed into a magical being in an enchanted setting reflecting your inner magical self.


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Sherry Fae-pink

As a creative, I have lived and overcome unthinkable obstacles and experiences in my life. I lived in the dark cave for years from a tragic accident that nearly took my life. But like the Goddess Amaterasu, I emerged into the light to embrace my own beauty. I never gave up no matter what the circumstance. Through those circumstances, I learned the golden ways of self-love and healing through beauty and color that I am here to share with others.

Life’s hardship’s taught me, they showed me the beauty of the light, the beauty of the Earth and the beauty of my own spirit. Now, as my soul’s work, I shine that light through my artistry and color, to share and bring healing to others, to awaken and to empower other beautiful creative souls.



Desire to learn more about creating your own works of art; I do one-on-one mentoring sessions. Providing instruction to other photographers on Photoshop editing techniques and inspiration to create their own magical works.

Love to have your individual fairy-shoot; I offer a limited availability to book your own VIP fairy shoot.

Artist Statement

Sherry Frey is a fine art photo artist based in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania. Her fairy-art captures and relives the fun, joyful feeling of childhood that we all forgot as adults. She honors the beauty of nature in all her work, where her fairy Tulli is always found bringing magic to all she touches.

She work has been featured in Fae Magazine, Faerie Magazine, Dark Beauty Online Magazine, and Hedgeapple Magazine, along with several gallery showings.

Professional Bio

Sherry Frey has a B.A. in Elementary Education and M.Ed. in Special Education.  She taught third grade before becoming an online specialist in training and directing an online cyber educational company.  Her previous background was in small business and she owned and operated a small gift basket and balloon delivery business, The Gift Basket Boutique.  She started out by delivering singing telegrams dressed up as Kooky the Clown and other Disney characters. Later, she was featured in many trade publications as “Designer of the Year” and became a featured columnist for Gift Basket Review and Gifts and Decorative Accessories.  She authored two publications during that time:  The Art of Creating Great Gift Baskets, and The Gift Basket Source Manual.

Sherry has twin daughters, Stephanie and Lindsey, whom she has traveled widely with and share her vivacious personality and enlightened spirit. She invites you to celebrate nature and connect to your inner essence through her art-work.

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